"Tea is hot and getting hotter. From iced to spiced, from austere black tea to sweetened and milky chai, from a flowery pick-me-up to a healing herbal, no other beverage has such a place in the heart of every civilization. No wonder it is the most popular beverage in the world, next to water."
- Sara Perry, The New Tea Book

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Bazaar!

Yera Dé Herbal Teas had such a wonderful time @ The Our Lady Star of the Sea School Fund Raiser Christmas Bazaar!! We passed out free samples of our delicious Seasonal Blend, Christmas Cookie, and sold out of it in the first 10 minutes!! We also debuted our NEW Stocking Stuffers, including our Selective Sampler Sets (featuring 5 of our unique teas in individually-wrapped tea bags) and Organic Lavender Mint Potpourri Sachets! To raise money for this great community and school, we also donated a Yera Dé gift set including some of our eco-chic tea accessories and one of our new wine mulling spice blends!!

Wishing you all warm and wonderful holidays!
And a Happy, Healthy New Year!

Jaime & Jason
Yera Dé Herbal Teas

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Teas & Treats @ The Good Earth!

Check Out Our Teas & Treats @ The Good Earth in Leonardtown, MD! Featuring our delicious tea blends paired with Sweet & Savory Tea-Infused Treats prepared special by The Good Earth's signature healthy chefs, (and two of the nicest people ever) Larry & Laura!
(Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free (and Sometimes Vegan, Caffeine-Free & Soy/Nut-Free)

Monday, November 29, 2010

All-Day Mulled Wine Fest!!

Join Us For An All-Day Mulled Wine Fest!! This Friday Noon - 9pm for "First Friday in Leonardtown" Featuring Our New Mulling Spice Blends In Collaboration With Port of Leonardtown Winery! We'll be sampling and selling our "Perfectly Paired" combinations, including our Traditional, Sweet & Spiced herbal mulling blends for the rest of the

(*Would Also Work Great with Non-Alcoholic Cider!)

Port of Leonardtown Winery
23190 Newtowne Neck Road
Leonardtown, MD
Phone # (301)-690-2192

For More Information,
Check Out These Local Blogs About Our Upcoming Event:
Yera Dé Herbal Wines, Port of Leonardtown and The Vineyard Wife

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Holiday Crafts Fair w/ Forever Eden @ Hollywood Vol. Fire Dept.

Yera Dé Herbal Teas had such a great time today at the Crafts Fair today with Forever Eden! Thanks to all our customers for stopping by & trying our NEW Original Tea Blends & Selective Sample Sets! And an extra special thanks to the wonderfully sweet & talented local jewelry artisan, Maureen Elizabeth Kennedy for making me a most beautiful & unexpected gift!

Today, we sampled our NEW Honey Buzz (Organic Dragonwell Green Tea with Organic Honey Granules) and our bold & flavorful Ginger Mint!

Here's a slideshow of all the fun we had today!

For More Fun Photos & Company Updates,
Check Out Our Picasa Web Albums!

And Check Out What Our Customers Are Saying About Our Teas!

And a special thanks to our families & friends, customers & colleagues and everyone who has helped us to really build and expand our vision of Yera Dé so that within just 1 year, we have already sold thousands of teas at dozens of events and partnered with such an array of local like-minded entrepreneurs and brought to life new environmentally & body-friendly products & collaborative philanthropic endeavors!

I can already tell it's going to be a very busy and creative couple of months (Happy Holidays by the way!) and I'm gearing up for a Fun & Exciting New Year where Every Day is truly a Yera Dé!

Here's to healing the world in any and every way we can, most especially one tea bag at a time!

Jaime Frodyma (Soon-To-Be Krouk!)

Co-Creator of Yera Dé, LLC & Yera Dé Herbal Teas


Monday, November 15, 2010

Local Update & Holiday Sneak Preview

This week, we'll be featuring our new Selective Sampler Sets-
5 individually-wrapped, hand crafted teas for $7.

Also, we will be taking Pre-Orders for Customizable Holiday Tea Gifts on Thurs. (Choose from ANY of our Teas, Eco-Chic Accessories, Hand Crafted Tea Cup Cards, NEW Sampler Sets, Gift Certificates, Mulling Spice Packets and even Potpourri Sachets! We package each hand-crafted tea gift set in an elegant and seasonally-decorative environmentally-friendly gift bag.)
Pay in advance or upon receipt!

Additionally, we'll be offering Combination Gift Set Options Featuring Organic Skincare Products made by Local Company, ForeverEden )

*Also, starting in December, we'll be in the St. Mary's College Campus Center on Mondays & Thursdays!

For More Local Updates, Check Out Our Website:

**To Ensure Delivery In Time for Christmas,
Please Order By 12/15.**

Yera Dé Herbal Wines!

We are so excited to collaborate with Port of Leonardtown Winery on some Awesome Mulled Wine Recipes to be Debuted next 1st Friday in Leonardtown (12/3) and Available for Sale this Holiday Season!!!

Stay tuned for more details!

Here is a slideshow of the fun day we had creating and taste testing awesome mulling spice recipes for specialty Reds & Whites all made from locally-grown grapes! Thanks so much to Connie Byrne, aka The Vineyard Wife & her husband (a local grape grower!) for hosting an amazing afternoon!

What can I say, it's never dull when you choose to mull!

Here are the Port of Leonardtown Winery selections
for our mulling recipe development:

McIntosh Run Semi-Sweet Apple Wine
unoaked Chardonnay
Breton Bay Shoals Semi-Sweet Red
Captain's Table Dry Red

Friday, November 5, 2010

Healthy Inside & Out!

Get Healthy Inside & Out and Give A Gift That Keeps On Giving
with Our Upcoming Promotional Collaboration!

Yera Dé Herbal Teas is partnering with local organic handmade skin care company, Forever Eden Collection. We will be offering customizable gift sets just in time for the holidays, featuring the best of both worlds- Organic Teas & Organic Skin Care!

The gift sets will be available at tomorrow November 6th, 9am-Noon @ Annmarie Garden's Makers Market, and will soon be added to our website! Our gift set options will feature Lavender, Chamomile, Mint, Rosemary and Citrus pairings of our $5 delicious organic herbal teas with these wonderful organic skin care products!

www.YeraDeHerbalTeas.com and www.myforevereden.com

Bringing the joy of mix & match gift giving this holiday season!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Teas Me Please: Holiday Style!

Our 1st tasting of Christmas Cookie Tea was a smashing success today!! Thanks so much to everyone @ St. Mary's College of Maryland who stopped by our tea table! We're so glad you all enjoyed our creation, with it's cinnamony vanilla charm, red rooibos goodness & oh so lingering sugar-free sweetness! Mmmm, now that's our cup of tea ;) At least for the next 2 months!!

We will be hosting a 2nd free tasting of Christmas Cookie Tea
@ Makers Market at Annmarie Sculpture Garden & Arts Center this Saturday 9AM - NOON.

We will officially release our Christmas Cookie tea and all our other new blends for sale next Thurs. 11/11 while supplies last. We are, however, taking pre-orders for Customizable Holiday Gift Sets, Party Favors, Sample Packs, Hand Crafted Tea Cup Cards, Potpourri Sachets & up to 6 Packages of Christmas Cookie Tea & any of our new blends as seen on our website: www.YeraDeHerbalTeas.com.

For More Information E-mail Us Directly @ YeraDeHerbalTeas.Orders@Gmail.com

**To Ensure Delivery In Time for Christmas,
Please Order By 12/15.**

Monday, November 1, 2010

Photo Slideshow of Our YD Tea Tables @ St. Mary's College of MD

Going Green All Winter Long!

Yera Dé Herbal Teas will be collaborating this holiday season with an awesome new local company, A Little Green House. Our teas and gift sets will be available throughout mid-Nov. and Dec. on both our website, www.YeraDeHerbalTeas.com and www.ALittleGreenHouse.com in hopes of reaching a larger audience and raising consumer consciousness about the importance of supporting green businesses! Additionally, through this collaborative effort, it is our shared goal to boost local economy and philanthropy by giving back a percentage of sales to charities throughout the state of MD.

A Little Green House, Inc. was formed in 2010 by enthusiastic entrepreneurs and fledgling philanthropists, Cheryl Henry-Fawcett and Karen Pierce-Blandamer. Our mission at A Little Green House is to make purchasing fun and meaningful through partnerships with local corporations, local nonprofit organizations, and local companies and individuals that provide very high-quality, eco-smart, and beautifully-unique products. At A Little Green House, 25% of all sales proceeds are directed by you to a local non-profit organization.

A Little Green House, Inc. Acting Locally

This website is not yet active, but will be available in the coming weeks! There will also be chocolates, spices, coffees and eco-friendly cosmetics available for sale.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

YD @ 2nd Annual Health & Wellness Expo Photo Slideshow

Just last year, this Free Community Health & Wellness Expo- hosted by local church group, Light of Glory, was our 1st ever tea event!

It was great to see new & familiar faces gathering in the hopes of promoting and educating about more environmentally-friendly & health-conscious LOCAL products, services and lifestyles... and of course, to celebrate how far we've come in such a short time!

Click Here to See Last Year's Photos!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Attention Everyone!

Attention Everyone, I am about to go gung ho with Lavender! (bet that's a phrase you've never heard before!)

This lavishly, lovely purple plant is just so power-packed - even the smell of its perfumed promise is enough to relax even the wildest of sorts! And that oh-so familiar, yes come closer, but not too close, striking and sensuous aroma that is the trademark of the Lavendula family is a natural miracle that no science will truly ever understand. And with the added benefit of consumption, the aromatherapy effects of this gorgeous strand of violet explosion compound into an actually cellular metamorphosis within!

Mmm, mmm, mmm, yes indeed- this potent plant is a treasure beyond measure and deserves a place in every garden, every home, every cup of tea! So, to honor this love I have for the plant medicine that is Lavender, Yera Dé Herbal Teas will be expanding its product line to include, not only our already popular stress remedy tea, Chrysanthemum Lavender, but a whole slew of fun, unique and what I consider necessary purple additions!

1) Let's start with Early Girl, the perfect brew for the early morning on-the-goer who wants to be up but just a bit slower than the typical buzz of black tea. With it's gorgeous layering of Bergamot and Lavender, this scrumptious citrus/floral duo will surely disappear sip by sip by sip as you greet your morning, only to be re-steeped almost immediately upon finishing!

2) And who can deny the intrigue of Lavender Mint. I mean, what better combo is out there to remedy not only the ailments caused by, but the actual activation of stress! With this delicious herbal double and its Peppermint tingle & Lavender calm, the mind and body will instantly receive the message that it's time to get well soon! Safe for nearly everyone, short of pregnant and nursing mothers, luscious Lavender is shockingly a member of the Mint family; and indeed when combined, these contradictory cousins, work together to simultaneously stimulate and alleviate; each in its own way activating the body's own healing potential!

And just as a lil sneak peak for all you die-hard Yera Dé fans- let it be known that I plan to expand way past tea and eventually add tea foods & liquors & crafts, spa products, herbal honeys and tea baths to my repertoire; so, be sure to be on the lookout for some Lavender Mint infusion tools sometime on the horizon!!

3) And then we have The DayDreamer, in honor of a dear friend, in fact, many- who never cease to see ever more beautiful possibilities! This loose leaf herbal blend will combine the magic of Damiana, a brilliant and subtle sedative with the lure of Lavender and the freshness of Fennel, sprinkled with a hint of Spearmint. This is a tea that frees the mind from the shackles of worry and infuses the heart with a teaspoon of hope! This is for all the amazing humanitarians who are helping me to Heal the World One Tea Bag at a Time.

4) And last, but certainly not least... Sweet Dreamzzz (are made of these!) A tea that still surprises even me, the tea lady! I am so freakin pleased to have been blessed with this ability to collect, combine and intuitively collage the flavor and the function of a myriad of leaf, root, fruit and herb into this harmonious liquid lullaby. Yes, I must confess, at this stage of the game, this 7-herb blend encapsulates the epitome of my interest in herbal medicine and tea.

Including plants from nearly every continent, each imbued with an extensive history of physical and metaphysical uses, Sweet Dreamzzz is designed as a drink-before-bed-blend; yet, it contains none of the moderately dangerous nervines (plant compounds that act therapeutically upon the nerves, particularly in the sense of a sedative) that I see in many blends that populate the tea section of nearly every grocery store.

Nope, one of the things I vowed to do in starting this organic herbal tea company was to use the wisdom of the ages, both the science and the spirit of past and present to present teas made with herbs I, and the majority of expert herbologists & healers out there, agree are generally safe for regular consumption. So, on that note, let me just say that the Blueberry Licorice Lavender goodness that is the core of our soon-to-be released sleepy-time tea is, in this tea blogger's mouth, a veritably worthwhile cup of tea! And as per request from a number of customers, this sleep blend contains no chamomile.

Alas, this concludes my little Lavender exposé! Thanks for tuning in! And be sure to keep a look out for all of these new blends on our website www.YeraDeHerbalTeas.com and for sale at The Good Earth Natural Foods Co., Blue Wind Gourmet and at our tea tables at The Maker's Market @ Anne Marie Gardens (1st Sat. of every month from 9am - noon) and in the Campus Center at St. Mary's College. *Check our LOCAL Updates link for more details!

Until next time, my friends,
Make Every Day a Yera Dé.

Jaime Frodyma (soon-to-be Krouk!)

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Just a Quick Update!

Hey all you tea-lovers!! Sorry for the long stretch of silence... we've been busy preparing new teas and restocking our inventory full to the brim to help keep you warm all winter long!!

Stock up on all of your favorite YD original blends and check back with us soon for the official release of our new Afternoon Delight, Poet's Corner, African Sunset, Early Girl, Sweet Dreamzzz, Maté Bliss, Breakfast in Bed, Honey Buzz and more!!!!

Plus stay tuned for some awesome holiday gift sets and many more exciting tea events soon!!

Healing the World One Tea Bag at a Time.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Friday's Featured Herb: Lemongrass

"There is no grass like Lemongrass.
It is a truly useful medicinal plant and a delicious food flavoring."

More than it's inviting scent and distinct flavor, Lemongrass (Andropogon citratus, also known as Tanglad in the Philippines) really does possess a lot of useful, albeit under-appreciated, properties and provides an abundance of worthwhile health benefits, without any known negative side effects.

Did you know that Lemongrass Tea helps tone muscle and tissue cells and cleanses your liver, pancreas, kidney, bladder and digestive tract?! It's even been shown to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol by cleansing the body of excess fats, uric acid and other toxins in the body. Lemongrass tea has even been shown to help reduce acne and pimples and improve overall skin health!

Because Lemongrass possesses both antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, it is often used to alleviate indigestion, gastroenteritis and nervous disorders and consumed consistently over time, Lemongrass Tea can greatly improve metabolism, digestion and blood circulation! And most importantly, Lemongrass Tea provides safe, effective & almost immediate stress relief! (and tastes great too!)

And as an added tip for women, in the Philippines, it is suggested to mix Lemongrass with pepper (either as tea or cooked into a meal) as a home therapy for menstrual troubles, nausea and to help stimulate lactation.

Try Some Lemongrass Today!
in Our Delicious & Soothing Afternoon Delight or in our Energizing Maté Límon & Blueberry Ginseng Stimulant Tea, Maté Sky (More New Tea Blends Featuring This Amazing Herb Coming Soon!!!)

Added tidbit about Lemongrass:

Many people actually already know Lemongrass by it's other popular name- citronella - the common scent you usually find in candles, perfumes and soaps. Citronella is known for its calming effect that relieves insomnia or stress. It is also considered as a mild insect repellant.

*And, when it comes to pets, citronella is used to neutralize excessive barking of dogs. For some reason, dogs hate citronella, and many people use Lemongrass spray bottles to help lessen their dog's disruptive behaviors.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

(W)holistic Wednesday

"In education and medicine, we struggle to educate and treat the whole person, because it is the whole person walking through a day, a disease, and a life. But what does it mean to take the 'whole' person into account?"
- Nancy L. Brown, PhD

Holism is about raising awareness about the causes of suffering and dis-ease and teaches people to get in touch with themselves more and to learn how to relieve their suffering and prevent future symptoms; and, most importantly, holism is about enhancing the patient's life system to optimize life-long well being.

Holistic healthcare focuses primarily on prevention and treatment of the individual and addresses the unique needs and nature of the "person who has an illness, rather than the illness that has the person." (American Holistic Medical Association)

Holism is about embracing a lifetime of learning about all safe and effective options available for diagnosis and treatments. The realm of choices may include lifestyle coaching, herbal medicine, body and energy work and other complementary approaches and therapies from a variety of traditions, as well as conventional drugs and surgery if needed.

Here at Yera Dé, we fully embrace and support the holistic healthcare movement and, using our own life experiences, teach by example in hopes of helping people to help themselves. We believe in the innate healing power of the body, mind and spirit and aim to create holistic products and educational services that support lifestyle choices which are truly health(ier) on all levels. It is our lifelong goal to promote holistic health and wellness care and disease prevention education and of course, world peace!!!

And we are a relationship-centered company, which means you, our customers, are a huge part of our healing journey and happiness as well! We truly appreciate getting to know you and working with you to help you create your ideal life and perfect cup of tea!!

Jaime & Jason

Healing the World One Tea Bag at a Time.


For Those Whose Priority is Real Health.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Teas on TV! Photo Album

Here are the behind the scenes photos of the Fox 5 News segment featuring our teas at the Leonardtown Wharf!

Yera Dé Herbal Teas Featured on TV!

Click Here to See The Footage!

Fox 5 TV broadcasted live from Leonardtown as part of the Hometown Series showcasing all the local goodies that Southern Maryland has to offer, including Yera Dé Herbal Teas, featured as part of the Local, Organic products sold at The Good Earth Natural Foods Co.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tuesday's Tea

Hey there fellow tea enthusiasts!

Today's tea is gonna be Black Rose! For all those who have tasted this one, I know you'll agree, it's truly magical! The distinctive aroma of our organic Earl Grey, with its fresh bergamot orange infusion rising from a steamy cup... and those beautiful pink rose petals steeping and swirling their stunning color and refined flavor... this breakfast black tea is a beautiful marriage of fruit and florals, with an oh so delightful caffeinated boost!

Yesiree, Black Rose is the tea for me!

Try Some Today! Only $5 for 10 Hand Crafted Tea Bags!
(Will be available in Loose Leaf soon!)

Also can be used as a nutrient-rich mouth wash
and scented hair rinse, particularly great for brunettes!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Free Tea Event!

As a part of Leonardtown's "First Friday" event, we featured Free Samples of our Positive Vibes & iced Rooibos Chai at The Good Earth Natural Foods Co.

Be Sure to Check Us Out
At The Next "First Friday" Tea Event on Aug. 6th!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday's Featured Herb: Rose Petals!

Have you ever wanted to know why roses are considered the ideal gift to express love?

There is an interesting reason for this... beyond its distinctive beauty, enchanting aroma and romantic image, Roses actually do have a soothing effect on the heart and emotions and help to balance the mind and body.

High in Vitamin C and loaded with medicinal value, Rose Petal Tea is great for combating illness and boosting immunity and also works great as an herbal bath, face wash or body spray to enrich, heal and beautify the skin and hair!

The Extraordinary Health Benefits of Rose Petal Tea:

1. It clears toxins and heat from the body. As a result, it has a cooling effect on the body.

2. It can relieve sore throats, runny noses and blocked bronchial tubes.

3. It is useful for people prone to chest problems by reinforcing the lungs and fighting against infections.

4. Rose tea helps to fight infections in the digestive tract and re-establishes the normal bacterial population of the intestines.

5. It relieves fluid retention and hastens the elimination of wastes through kidneys.

6. It is a wonderful remedy for dysentery, diarrhea and gastro-enteritis.

7. It has laxative effects and works as a remedy for sluggishness and constipation.

8. It cleanses the liver and gall bladder and promotes healthy bile flow.

9. Rose petal tea can be used to relieve uterine congestion that causes pain and heavy periods. It is an excellent remedy for irregular periods and infertility, as well as to perk up sexual desire in both men and women.

10. It has an uplifting effect on the nervous system and can relieve insomnia, depression and fatigue.

Start Reaping the Benefits Today With Our Organic Rose Petal Tea, Positive Vibes and Black Rose blends!


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesday's Tea

This week's featured tea is our delicious and distinctive, delicately floral, Jasmine Green. We've specially blended our Organic Dragonwell, the most famous green tea in China, renowned for its high quality (and once called the Emperor's tea) with exquisite Organic Jasmine Flowers to create a truly delightful, robust and nutrient-rich green tea experience!

Tastes great hot or cold! Only $5 for 10 Hand Crafted Tea Bags!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesday's Tea

This week's featured tea is Spring Cleaning, our one-of-a-kind, 100% Organic, Nutrient-Rich and Gentle Detox Tea! This awesome combination of refreshing spearmint, cleansing bitters and rejuvenating spring herbs tastes great hot or cold and is the perfect way to get a healthy start to the summer! Only $12 for our 1.7oz Limited Edition Collector's Tin (approx. 20 Servings)

Click Here to Try Some Today!

Ingredients and Reasons for Inclusion:

Spearmint- Soothing to the nerves, good for sore throats, used to clear sinuses, regulate acid/alkaline balance, freshen breath and to cleanse and tone the spleen.

Dandelion Root- This popular spring tonic cools and cleans the liver, flushes wastes, recharges digestion, relieves water retention and removes toxic substances, which helps improve everything from mood swings to inflammation.

Nettle Leaf- A blood tonic, rich in chlorophyll with a healthy reserve of vitamins and minerals, that stimulates circulation and helps fight infections and increase mobility after injury. A good herb to take for respiratory weakness and to strengthen and energize the liver, gallbladder and kidneys.

Raspberry Leaf- A nutrient-rich herb, particularly beneficial to women, that strengthens the gums, kidneys, urinary and digestive tracts and helps ease stomach complaints.

Lemon Balm- Often called nature's antihistamine, this aromatic herb soothes the entire digestive tract and helps relieve tension and aids respiratory healing. Also great for promoting calm and tempering stress-related disorders.

Oatstraw- A full-bodied tonic to strengthen immunity and build energy. Helps to stabilize thyroid function, regulate blood sugar, relieve inflammation, reduce cholesterol levels, soothe skin and enrich the nervous system with nutrients for health and harmony.

Directions: Prepare 1 tsp. of herbs for every 8 oz. of hot water. Cover and steep for 20-30 minutes. Drink 2 x a day for 1-2 weeks. Make sure to drink plenty of water each day.

*Allow yourself plenty of time for rest during detoxification. Do not consume for more than 2 weeks in a row. Do not use while pregnant or nursing.

Monday, June 21, 2010

*National Iced Tea Month Promo*

Yera Dé Herbal Teas is running a Special Promotion til the end of June- Buy 2 Packages of Island Getaway and Receive a FREE Maté Mint & Organic Dragonwell Green Tea 1 oz. Sampler!

June is National Iced Tea Month
and we've been celebrating as often as possible!

How 'bout you?

Start today by making some Chamomile iced cubes or a refreshing cup of cold Green Tea, Rooibos Chai, Ginger Mint, Maté Límon, Vanilla Dusk, Positive Vibes or Maté Sky!

If you have a favorite iced tea, please leave a post and let us know what it is!

Here are a few fun iced tea facts:

Iced tea's popularity led to the introduction of the iced tea spoon. Its long handle allowed sugar to be added to a fashionably tall glass filled with iced tea.

About 80 percent of the tea served in the US today is iced tea.

Early on, American housewives brewed and mixed tea with various fruits, juices and syrups for a Tea Punch.

To celebrate National Iced Tea Month, freeze little slices of lemon in ice cubes or make limeade ice cubes for a refreshing touch in iced tea. Also, seltzer water added to iced tea creates a refreshing, flavored spritzer, or if you are ready to "kick it up a notch", add a splash of citrus vodka to iced tea.

Please note that June is also Turkey Lover's Month, National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month, National Papaya Month, National Dairy Month and National Frozen Yogurt Month.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Calling All Tea-Enthusiasts & Dad-Lovers!

Stuck on what to do for dear-old dad? Bored of buying neckties and greeting cards?

Well, this year I encourage you to treat one of the most important men in your life — your Dad— to a special celebration! Do something nice for that wonderful man that bounced you on their knee as a baby and taught you to ride bikes and drive cars and who continues to inspire your love and respect... Throw him a special, one-of-a-kind Father’s Day Tea Party today (or anyday!)

*Also a great idea for Grandpas and Husbands and Brothers too! In fact, just invite the whole family for a day of fun in the sun and tasty tea!

Men throughout the world enjoy tea, drinking anything from a delicate pale white tea- such as Bai Hao Yin Zhen (from the Fujian province in China) to a bold, black Assam with its delicious malty palate. Depending on personal preference, your dad might even be a spicy Chai guy or perhaps prefer some iced Peppermint or even a mellow Chamomile.

STEP 1: Pick a theme for your tea party

Remember, it’s all about HIM. Pick a theme that is centered around something he really enjoys doing.

A few fun examples could be:

Golf Lover’s Tea, with grass-green décor and golf-themed food.
Favorite Sports Team Tea, using your dad’s favorite team colors throughout your décor.
Camping Tea, complete with tent and camp cups and plates.
Mechanic’s Tea, with lots of tools among the décor and overalls for outfits.
Variety Tea, with tea-sampling and a Smörgåsbord of yummy treats.
Beach Day Tea, complete with beach chairs, towels and games & pitchers of fruity iced tea.

The possibilities are endless!

STEP 2: Pick a location and decorate it

As they say in the realty game: Location, location, location! Pick one that’s appropriate and decorate it around your theme.

STEP 3: Decide your menu

There are some teas processed and blended for particular occasions, but I don’t know of any specifically for Father’s Day. So, you could serve bold breakfast blacks or go with some special green teas or even explore the wonderful world of herbal blends!
(all available at Yera Dé Herbal Teas wink, wink!)

Whatever teas you select will help you select the foods to serve. Or you can pick the foods first, in keeping with your theme, and then select an appropriate tea to pair. For example, a fun food idea for a Golf Lover’s Tea Party would be little round cookies or donut holes, rolled in powdered sugar to resemble golf balls and placed on grass-green paper plates to add to that golf look and feel.

If you’re grilling, pick a tea to go with hamburgers, grilled chicken or fish, etc. Something strong like Ceylon, Darjeeling, Assam, Nilgiri, and Kenyan would be appropriate. If you want it iced, brew it up hot first, then pour into a pitcher and place in the refrigerator overnight. You can add sweetener and flavorings such as mint to the pitcher or let each guest add their own.

STEP 4: Enjoy!

Wishing you all a Happy Father’s Day!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Teas & Herbs of the World

For this event, we featured a showcase of demographics about world tea production and tea consumption and introduced different herbal medicine traditions and offered free samples of our hot Chrysanthemum Lavender (China & France) and iced Maté Mint (Argentina & U.S.)

Be sure to check us out for next month's First Friday, July 2nd from 5-8pm at Good Earth Natural Foods in Leonardtown Square.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Healing the World One Teabag at a Time

While We Here at Yera Dé Herbal Teas Do Recommend That You Thoroughly Enjoy and Responsibly Use Our Delicious Unique Tea Blends to Enhance the Quality of Your Body, Mind, Heart and Soul,* It Must Be Noted That: None of our products are intended as prescriptions for the treatment of health problems. Herbs must be used with knowledge and discretion, and we cannot be responsible for individual reactions to their use. Please consult a holistic health practitioner when considering new herbal remedies.

Yera Dé Herbal Teas is not responsible for the misuse of any herbs or herb products that we sell, nor do we recommend any haphazard or uneducated use of herbs in place of prior medical recommendations and/or prescriptions. As with all medicinal products, keep out of reach of children and pets and avoid use during pregnancy or lactation, unless otherwise specified.

All Yera Dé Herbal Teas are original & specially formulated remedies and are accompanied by directions for specified usage, in addition to a summary of pertinent history and health related information for each herb present in a given blend.

May You Always Seek to Learn More About Yourself and All the Life on Our Planet, Including the Wonderful World of Herbs and Medicinal Teas! Indeed, It is Our Belief That With Enough Patient, Focused, Curious & Enthusiastic Effort, Anyone Can Harness the Healing Powers of Herbal Medicine!

Jason Krouk & Jaime Frodyma

Founders of Yera Dé Herbal Teas
Yera Dé, LLC

For Those Whose Priority is Real Health,
Make Everyday a Yera Dé.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday's Tea

This week's featured tea is Maté Mint, our refreshing and delicious mint energizer tea! This awesome combination of stimulating Organic Yerba Maté (from Argentina) and cooling Organic Peppermint (U.S. grown) tastes great hot or cold and is the perfect addition for summer picnics, parties and bbqs! Try some today!! Only $5 for 10 Hand Crafted Tea Bags!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Poll: What are Your Favorite Original Teas from Yera Dé?

Poll: What are Your Favorite Original Teas from Yera Dé?

Quick Summary of Some Popular Healing Herbal Teas

Tea is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world and also one of the easiest ways to absorb medicinal benefits from plants! Since ancient times many cultures have adopted this drink for its pleasant flavors, its energizing effects, and for its many medicinal properties. But not all teas are the same and each has its own unique qualities.

1. Black Tea
Contains exceptionally high levels of antioxidant the arubigins
Regular intake can reduce risk of cancer
Can reduce risk of stroke
Can reduce clotting of arteries
Helps sooth the digestive tract
Helps improve cholesterol levels
Can improve breathing in asthmatics
Steep for 15 min to alleviate diarrhea (no sugar)
Helps maintain normal blood pressure
Helps improve circulation

2. Chamomile Tea
Contains antioxidant flavanoids
Often used as a muscle relaxant
Helps alleviate menstrual cramps
Helps alleviate discomfort of allergies
Used topically for dressing burns
Beneficial or skin irritations
Can be taken internally or topically for acne
Helps stimulate immune system
Helps fight infections during colds
Helps relax nerves

3. Green Tea
Contains exceptionally high levels of antioxidant catechin
Regular intake can reduce risk of cancer
Can benefit those with rheumatoid arthritis
Helps improve cholesterol levels
Can benefit those with cardiovascular disease
Can help fight infections
Known to stimulate impaired immune function
Can help dieters burn extra calories
Helps prevent food poisoning
Help prevent plaque and tooth decay

4. Oolong Tea
Contains exceptionally high levels of antioxidant polyphenols
Regular intake can enhance metabolism and prevent obesity
Helps prevent tooth decay
Can alleviate skin conditions like eczema
Helps improve cholesterol levels
Rejuvenates internal organs
Helps prevent hardening of the arteries
Helps prevent bad breath
Helps fight flu virus
Helps regulate blood sugar levels

5. Rooibos (Red) Tea
Rich in antioxidants
Regular intake may help prevent cancer
Found to interfere with skin cancer cell production
May reduce risk heart attack and stroke
Helps prevent DNA damage
Enhances detoxifying enzymes in the liver
Helps relieve constipation
Helps alleviate inflammatory skin conditions
Alleviates infant milk allergies

6. Rosebud Tea
Rich in essential oils
Helps improve circulation
Known to promote a healthy heart
Known to sooth the nerves
Helps sooth the mind
Alleviates stress and nervous tension
Known to sooth mild sore throat
Can ease stomach bloating
Used with brown sugar and red wine for menstrual pain

7. Ginseng Tea
Improves mental functioning and alertness
Enhances immune system
Improves circulation
Increases resistance to stress induced illness
Lowers blood sugar in type 2 diabetics
Regular intake significantly reduces risk of cancer
Can benefit cases of impotence
Alleviate digestive disorders
Helps regulate high blood pressure
Alleviates many skin disorders

8. Yerba Maté
Rich in antioxidiants
Good for detoxification
Enhances immune function
May reduce risk of cancer
Improves digestive function
Increases mental focus
Relaxes muscles
Helps alleviate allergies
Helps burn calories in dieters
May reduce risk of heart attack and stroke

Excerpted from

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Did You Know?

Did you know that many of the plants used by humans to season food yield useful medicinal compounds?

In fact, many well-known culinary herbs and spices, such as ginger, cinnamon, rosemary, mint, nutmeg, cloves and lemongrass, are used in my tea blends to help with indigestion, cold & flu symptoms and detoxification.

Some other herbs often used for cooking, like peppercorn, oregano, cumin, thyme, bay leaf, sage and orange peel, are also very helpful and relatively gentle herbs that herbalists have recommended for centuries to boost cardiovascular and respiratory health and enhance liver and immune system function.

So, of course, at our house, in addition to drinking a variety of herbal, green and black teas, we also cook with many, many herbs and spices! One of our favorites is to re-use our organic Dragonwell green tea leaves, once they've already been steeped a few times, as an addition to our rice and veggie stirfrys. We also like to make a nice smokey marinade for kidney beans out of a cup of lapsang souchang black tea! Plus make a number of tasty herbal soups, a popular method used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, in addition to spicing up our smoothies and desserts with some fun and flavorful goodness! The possibilities are endless!

So, next time you walk by that dusty spice rack of yours, take a minute to survey and experiment and see what new, flavorful and herbal medicine-infused meals you can make for yourself!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Good Earth

Earth Day on the Square

Leonardtown, MD
APRIL 18th
12:30 - 4:30 pm
The Good Earth will be Celebrating!

"Jaime and Jason of Yera De Herbal Teas
will be in the Demo Kitchen sampling their wonderful teas."

This Sunday, Yera Dé Herbal Teas Will Be Available for Sale
@ Good Earth Natural Foods Co.
41675 Park Avenue
Leonardtown, MD 20650

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Yera Dé Way: 12 Keys to Real Health

These Are the Daily Essentials We Recommend for Health & Longevity:

1. Enthusiasm/Fun/Joie de Vivre
2. Discipline/Commitment
3. Love of Self & Others
4. Connecting with Nature
5. Sunlight
6. Water
7. Sleep
8. Nutrient-Rich Foods
9. Vitamin & Mineral Supplements
10. Exercise
11. Meditation
12. Yera Dé Herbal Teas

For Those Whose Priority is Real Health-
Make Every Day a Yera Dé.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Reasons to Drink Rooibos

Pronounced "roy-boss" and meaning "red bush" in Afrikaans this amazing herb is proving to be one of the most popular caffeine-free alternative herbal teas! Originally used by the indigenous Khoi people, Rooibos (latin name Aspalathus linearis) is a unique South African tea that research is beginning to show may be a potential cancer-modulating herbal remedy!! Rooibos can also help to relieve stomach ulcers, nausea, constipation, and heartburn. Studies have shown this tea is comparable to green tea in the amounts of polyphenols it contains. It shows anti-mutagenic, anti-carcinogenic, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral activity.

In fact, Rooibos can help delay the aging process! The aging of our bodies is caused by toxic compounds called free radicals which are produced as a by-product of normal cell function. These free radicals attack our healthy cells. Over our life time this damage contributes to aging and our immune system weakens. Recently, Japanese scientists have found that Rooibos tea contains a mimic of the enzyme Super Oxide Dismutase (S.O.D.), an antioxidant which attacks the free radicals and limits their damaging effects.

Have a cup of Rooibos before you get ready for bed to ensure a good night's sleep! Rooibos has been found to help with insomnia, disturbed sleeping patterns and headaches. It contains no caffeine and has a relaxing effect on the central nervous system. Rooibos is often prescribed for nervous tension and mild depression as it can help the body to relax naturally.

Rooibos helps pacify infants with colic, stomach cramps and sleeping problems. Simply mix some Rooibos tea with expressed breast milk or formula. It is 100% natural with no colorants or preservatives. It is a mother's miracle.

Rooibos contains alpha hydroxy acid and zinc for healthy, smooth skin. This wonder tea is especially useful when applied to skin irritations like itchy skin, eczema, sunburns, diaper rash and acne. Put used Rooibos tea bags in the refrigerator or freezer. After a hard day's work, put on tired or red eyes to soothe and relax.

Rooibos helps to give you strong bones and teeth because of its calcium, manganese and fluoride content. Rooibos contains magnesium which is necessary for a healthy nervous system. Rooibos increases the absorption of iron in the body. Rooibos contains potassium and copper minerals that are necessary for several metabolic functions. Rooibos contains no oxalic acid and can therefore be enjoyed by persons suffering from kidney stones.

Rooibos helps you recuperate after a hangover. Rooibos makes a great thirst-quencher and sport drink. Because of its mineral content of iron, potassium, zinc, manganese and sodium, it restores the body's equilibrium after stressful activities and strenuous exercise. Rooibos also helps to control your appetite and thus can be beneficial in weight loss.

Oh and did we mention, it tastes great! With its uniquely distinctive nutty flavor, Rooibos is a very versatile caffeine-free alternative and pairs well with most anything. Drink it hot or cold, with or without milk, sugar or honey. Add lemon or mix it with fruit juices for a truly enjoyable beverage blend.

Rooibos tea is also used in cooking and baking. It can replace the liquid content in recipes for soups, marinades, sauces, stews and cakes for added flavor and nutrition.

Try Some Today of our organic loose leaf Rooibos at http://www.yeradeherbalteas.com/1-oz-organic-tea-samplers.html and be on the look out for our delicious Green and Red Rooibos Chai (available in tea bags!) Coming to our website soon!

For more information, please feel free to e-mail me at: TeasMePlease@gmail.com

Have a great day!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesday's Tea- Peppermint!

One of my favorite types of tea to drink is peppermint tea. I enjoy it for its delicious, comforting taste and, even more importantly, for its wonderful variety of health benefits. Peppermint tea, which is often referred to as mint tea, is known to be a favorite choice of tea to many. A peppermint stick added to peppermint tea can be a very delicious and warm treat in the cold months of winter. As delicious as peppermint tea is, some people claim that they hardly realize that they are drinking tea when they drink it. There are many health benefits that are known to be associated with peppermint tea. Here, we will take a much closer look at some of the health benefits.

Drinking peppermint tea is an easy, delicious, and inexpensive way to really boost your health. Whether you are suffering from weak digestion, stress, headaches, insomnia, hormone issues, or want to boost your protection from cancer, there isn't much to lose in trying this wonderful natural remedy. There are many health benefits that are known to be associated with drinking peppermint tea which you may want to take advantage of. The first thing most people think about in relation to peppermint is a sweet, striped candy with a refreshing taste. What gives our favorite candies and teas that awesome flavor, however, is actually a plant. This purple flower with bright green leaves boasts more than 30 different species of its kind. According to Greek mythology, Persephone turned Mentha the nymph into a mint. Thus, creating this plant out of raging anger which is a wide contrast to the calming benefits of peppermint. In addition to uses in food, it's also present in medicines such as cold remedies, muscle rubs, vapor rubs, and vapor bathing supplies. Peppermint is a multi-use herb, which can be incorporated into remedies for people of all ages to reap its benefits. There are also many forms which it can be used in, such as the whole plant form, diluted essential oils, teas, and in different skin conditioners. The method one decides to use really depends on which is the most convenient for them.

Peppermint Tea May Relieve Stomach Problems

Have you ever wondered why some restaurant serve mints after you have finished your meal? This is because peppermint is great a stoking your digestive fire resulting in better digestion of your meal. Ever feel bloated, gassy, or just generally uncomfortable after a meal? Then try sipping a mug of warm peppermint tea as you eat. The digestion facilitating menthol will make everything go through you with much more ease. As a result, you can get more enjoyment out of your meals without the fear of after dinner bloating or indigestion. In fact, peppermint is a popular remedy for those suffering from irritable bowel syndrome and has been shown to significantly reduce symptoms. Are you feeling a little nauseated? Sip a cup of peppermint tea. Just as peppermint aids in digestion, it also helps calm down an upset stomach.

Peppermint is often recognized as a "stomach healer." If you have stomach problems, you may want to consider drinking peppermint tea. Stomach problems include irritable bowel syndrome, frequent diarrhea or constipation, stomach aches or nausea. Peppermint is often used to flavor foods, as a food itself, or to disinfect. It contains a carminative (an agent that dispels gas and bloating in the human digestive system) and an antispasmodic that relieves stomach and intestinal cramps. Peppermint is widely known for its effect on the intestinal tract and stomach ills. Peppermint can be used to subside gas, nausea, and the stomach pain of an irritable bowel, intestinal cramps, or indigestion. Some use it for too much stomach acid (hyper acidity) and gastroenteritis (nausea and stomach upset that we sometimes call stomach flu), and mothers incorporate it for safe treatment in infants with colic. Stomach ails in babies are treated with either a teaspoon of peppermint tea, or a cloth soaked in it placed on the belly. Pregnant women use it in the form of tea to relieve morning sickness. Many people find peppermint tea preferable to other forms of peppermint which may be used to relieve stomach problems. The main reason is because peppermint tea does not have sugar, at least not until you choose to add it.

Peppermint Tea May Help Relieve Stress

The flavor and smell of peppermint is known to relieve stress. This is why it is not surprising that peppermint tea is said to relieve stress. Many people find that when they drink peppermint tea, they are able to sleep better at night, which is believed to be because of its stress relieving properties. Others believe that the stress relief that you may experience from drinking peppermint tea may be linked to the immune system boosting properties of this tea.

Peppermint Tea May Help Relieve Pain

Peppermint tea has been shown to be a helpful aid in relieving pain. It is particularly helpful for relieving irritating pain of the common headache. Do you feel averse to popping a pain pill every time a minor ache occurs in your head? Then, you should try sipping a cup of hot peppermint tea. Not only will it relax you psychologically, but can actually alleviate the pressure and pain as well.

Peppermint is also a mild muscle relaxant. For this reason, it is a popular beverage to be consumed just before bedtime. However, you do not need to restrict it to the role of sleeping aid. Try sipping a cup of peppermint tea whenever you are feeling a little tense, tight, anxious, or sore and you might just feel a little more relaxed as a result. In fact, peppermint tea just might be the perfect healthy antidote to your mild but nagging stress. Unwind with a few cups of peppermint tea throughout the day and watch as you glide through your activities more calmly.

Peppermint Tea May Help the Immune system

Many people believe that peppermint tea can help relieve symptoms of the common cold or flu. Peppermint tea does contain some very healthy vitamins, including Vitamin B, potassium and calcium. This may be the reason that it helps relieve these symptoms. It also may prevent you from getting sick in the future. Some people believe that peppermint tea can also help control mild cases of asthma, though this is highly debated by medical professionals.

Green tea isn't the only tea that can help prevent cancer. Some studies show that peppermint can stop cancerous growths in animals. So, while the findings aren't definitive, it certainly won't hurt to drink a little more peppermint tea if you want to boost your cancer protection, especially in light of all the tea's other wonderful benefits.

Lastly, it has been speculated that peppermint tea can help control hormone related acne by mildly boosting estrogen levels. In addition, because of this detail, drinking peppermint tea can be a useful remedy for women with low estrogen levels suffering from problems such as excess bodily hair or even simply any of the usual issues resulting from menopause.

Peppermint Tea May Reduce Bad Breathe

If you have bad breathe, you may want to consider drinking peppermint tea. Any type of peppermint is known to reduce bad breathe. When you drink peppermint tea, there is a good chance that your bad breathe will be reduced temporarily. Some people firmly believe that when you drink peppermint tea on a regular basis, your bad breathe will permanently go away, though this is very debatable. If you have constant bad breathe and have tried everything else, peppermint tea may be worth a shot.

Even More Ways Peppermint Tea May Help

There are a variety of others ways that peppermint tea is known to help the body. Some people believe that peppermint tea can aid in weight loss, as it may help suppress your appetite. Peppermint tea is also known to work like a charm when it comes to relieving baby colic. The pain experienced from headaches and migraines are also known to be eased through drinking peppermint tea.

Peppermint can also be applied to the skin for relief of certain conditions. Just remember that you should dilute it when using the essential oils. They are too strong to apply directly to the skin. Itchy conditions such as insect bites, eczema, and other skin irritations, including those of poison ivy can be temporarily relieved by rubbing peppermint onto them. It is also said that you can rub the oils onto the temples or scalp for relief of a headache. Peppermint foot lotions and creams kill the fungus associated with athlete's foot. The pain, burning, and inflammation of muscles will feel relief after rubbing them down with a muscle rub or ice treatment containing the menthol of peppermint. It is absorbed into the skin pretty easily, it has the temporary pain-relieving effect via its relaxing of organs or muscles that spasm. Virus, fungi, and bacteria can be decreased by the menthol in peppermint, but is often overlooked for this purpose. Some mothers give peppermint tea to their babies for treatment of thrush, by coating the inside of their mouth with a little bit of it.

The Health Benefits of a Peppermint Tea Bath

One of my favorite things to do if my body is feeling really achy is taking a soothing peppermint tea bath in warm water. A peppermint tea bath helps relieve sore tired muscles and achy bodies. Peppermint tea baths also provide certain health benefits such as treating inflammation throughout the body.
All you have to do to enjoy a soothing relaxing peppermint tea bath and get the health benefits from it, is by simply filling up your bath tub with really hot water bath water and then by simply place five or six peppermint tea bags into your bath tub. Once you have placed your peppermint tea bags into the bath water you will allow the peppermint tea to soak in the water for about ten to twenty minutes to help release all the natural oils, scents, and antioxidants from the peppermint tea bags. Now once the tea bags have infused your bath water with the wonderful peppermint herb you can get into the tub and relax for a while. You might however want to bring a book or a magazine with you if you plan on spending a while in the tub relaxing that way you have something to keep your mind off things while you are relaxing and enjoying your bath. However, in order to get the full health benefits of a peppermint tea bath you should spend at least an hour in one.

Peppermint tea baths provide a lot of health benefits such as relieving inflammation throughout the body, while relieving pain and aches as well. Peppermint tea baths also help detox your body of harmful chemicals that could cause potential health problems for you later on. Peppermint tea baths are also great to take if you have a cold because the scent of the peppermint really helps open up your sinuses and will relieve some congestion in your chest as well. These baths are even great to take if you have the flu because the peppermint will help sooth your achy body by stopping body chills and easing headaches and nausea. You can even take a peppermint tea bath if you are feeling a little sad or depressed because the peppermint will help rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit leaving you happy, relaxed, and smiling afterwords.

*As with any herbal remedies, you must still use caution with dosages and frequency in using peppermint. If you experience nausea, rashes, or headaches after consuming it, then you most likely have an allergy to peppermint. If this happens, continue all use immediately. People with gallbladder problems, GERD, stomach obstructions, or liver diseases should not use it, as it will worsen the conditions. It is believed by some in health care that peppermint may relax bile ducts, promoting the bile flow. Others report it as an aid in gallbladder disease, which can dissolve gallstones when combined with other acid therapies. Peppermint can slow milk production in nursing women from a slight amount to a much larger scale depending upon consumption. The essential oil should not be used in the eyes or open wounds, and never use essential oil of any kind in an undiluted form. Peppermint can leave the esophageal sphincter open in some individuals, allowing stomach acids to rise up the throat and cause severe damage. This is why those with hiatal hernia, GERD, or problems with the esophagus should not use peppermint.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy Tea Drinking!

"When the world is all at odds
and the mind is lost at sea,
then cease the useless tedium
and brew a cup of tea.
There is magic in its fragrance,
There is solace in its taste;
And the laden moments vanish
somehow into space.
And the world becomes a lovely thing!
There's beauty as you'll see;
All because you briefly stopped
to brew a cup of tea."

Tips for Preparing Loose Leaf Tea:

To begin, allow yourself the time to enjoy tea. Engage the ceremony of brewing loose tea. Brew with good clean water, recognize what’s happening as the herbs release their unique essence into the water. Taste the bold and subtle flavors that Nature has imbued into a myriad of health-promoting herbs. Sit back and indulge in each warming sip letting it heal you from the inside out!

The art of using loose tea is nice because you are more involved with the preparation and brew. As you scoop out the herbs get to know them by taking a moment to look at them — each one has it’s own character and health promoting properties. You can tailor the strength and taste by varying the amount of tea you scoop into the tea ball and how long you let it steep.

When filling your tea ball, leave enough room in the tea ball to allow the herbs to ‘swell’ as they steep. This will allow for a better release of herbal properties.

To make iced tea, just brew as you would when making hot tea, let it steep at least 15 minutes, longer if you prefer it stronger, then chill and enjoy.

Add natural sweeteners like organic Agave Nectar, Honey, even Maple Syrup if you like!

Keep tea fresher longer by storing in airtight containers, keep free of moisture and out of sunlight.

Water quality affects how tea will taste. We recommend pure spring water. The mineral content and lack of pollutants like chlorine and fluoride, simply tastes better with quality organic herbs.

Herbal Infusions:

Infusions are the most medicinally potent water based herbal preparations. Infusions are steeped for a longer period of time then a cup of tea. Resulting in a much darker, richer and thicker beverage.

To prepare an infusion, start with a pint or quart canning jar or a French press.

An infusion is a larger amount of herbs brewed for a longer time. Typically, one ounce by weight (about a cup by volume) of dried herb is placed in a quart jar, which is then filled to the top with hot water, tightly lidded and allowed to steep for 4-10 hours. After straining, a cup or more is consumed, and the remainder chilled to slow spoilage. Drinking 2-4 cups a day is usual. Since the minerals and other phytochemicals in nourishing herbs are made more accessible by drying, dried herbs are considered best for infusions.

Making your Infusion:

Brew it with good clean water, and recognize what’s happening as the herbs release their special properties into the water. Taste the subtle flavors that Nature has imbued these health-promoting herbs with – sit back and sip – recognize the life in love!

It’s essential to start by using pure water; water quality will affect the flavor and quality of your infusion. We recommend pure spring water. The mineral content and lack of pollutants like chlorine and fluoride, simply tastes better with natural organic herbs.
It may be helpful to make infusions at night before going to bed that way they are ready in the morning.

Place a large handful of herbs into a jar, at least enough to cover the bottom of the jar. Turn your teapot on until it just about boils, pour the hot water up to the rim of the jar, cover with a lid, in the morning strain the herbs out. Drink your Infusion throughout the day! You can add a touch of fresh lemon or a dab of honey to enhance the herbal properties in your infusion.

Make sure to store any left over infusion in the refrigerator or you could use even use it as a face rinse or to water your houseplants!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Principles of Holistic Health

Optimal Health is the primary goal of holistic medical practice. It is the conscious pursuit of the highest level of functioning and balance of the physical, environmental, mental, emotional, social and spiritual aspects of human experience, resulting in a dynamic state of being fully alive. This creates a condition of well-being regardless of the presence or absence of disease.

The Healing Power of Love. Holistic health care practitioners strive to meet the patient with grace, kindness, acceptance, and spirit without condition, as love is life’s most powerful healer.

Whole Person. Holistic health care practitioners view people as the unity of body, mind, spirit and the systems in which they live.

Prevention and Treatment. Holistic health care practitioners promote health, prevent illness and help raise awareness of dis-ease in our lives rather than merely managing symptoms. A holistic approach relieves symptoms, modifies contributing factors, and enhances the patient’s life system to optimize future well-being.

Innate Healing Power. All people have innate powers of healing in their bodies, minds and spirits. Holistic health care practitioners evoke and help patients utilize these powers to affect the healing process.

Integration of Healing Systems. Holistic health care practitioners embrace a lifetime of learning about all safe and effective options in diagnosis and treatment. These options come from a variety of traditions, and are selected in order to best meet the unique needs of the patient. The realm of choices may include lifestyle modification and complementary approaches as well as conventional drugs and surgery.

Relationship-centered Care. The ideal practitioner-patient relationship is a partnership which encourages patient autonomy, and values the needs and insights of both parties. The quality of this relationship is an essential contributor to the healing process.

Individuality. Holistic health care practitioners focus patient care on the unique needs and nature of the person who has an illness rather than the illness that has the person.

Teaching by Example. Holistic health care practitioners continually work toward the personal incorporation of the principles of holistic health, which then profoundly influence the quality of the healing relationship.

Learning Opportunities. All life experiences including birth, joy, suffering and the dying process are profound learning opportunities for both patients and health care practitioners.