"Tea is hot and getting hotter. From iced to spiced, from austere black tea to sweetened and milky chai, from a flowery pick-me-up to a healing herbal, no other beverage has such a place in the heart of every civilization. No wonder it is the most popular beverage in the world, next to water."
- Sara Perry, The New Tea Book

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Back in Action!

Hi All!

I am so sorry for the long stretch of silence! I hope you are all still enthusiastically interested in all things tea- cuz I know I am!!! I have been diligently working on myself and all aspects of this burgeoning tea company so that I can really provide a resourceful, reliable and downright enjoyable product and service! I have sent many of you tea samples already and I'm eager to hear your comments and suggestions! I will be sending more as I create new blends! So far, the four we'll have as a definite for sale blends are Vanilla Dusk, Fruitful Prosperity, Positive Vibes and Maté Sky.

Vanilla Dusk is meant as an evening tea, served with or instead of dessert. It's a blend of Madagascar vanilla bean and other relaxing roots that soothe the nervous system and digestive tract and also contains an Indian herb, known as a sugar blocker, to help protect pancreatic function and balance blood sugar metabolism. So far, I've received really enthusiastic feedback about the flavor and feeling it provokes.

Positive Vibes is a gentle refreshing mood enhancing tea. It's caffeine-free and perfect for that 2-5pm lull to help carry you through the day. It's a blend of cooling peppermint and delightful florals (chamomile, chrysanthemum and rose) and includes St. John's Wort for it's anti-depressant properties. It doesn't have a particularly strong flavor, but I find it to be quite a lovely tea.

Fruitful Prosperity is also a caffeine-free blend, gentle enough for daily usage and chock full of natural fruit sugars and antioxidents and immune boosting herbs. I've never been a fruity tea drinker, but I found the request for such was by far the most prominent, so I concocted this to satisfy taste buds and still provide healthy benefits. It's a delicious combination of pineapple, papaya, cherry and goji berries, blended with three of the most recognized medicinal roots known around the world: Astragalus Root (also called Huang Qi in Traditional Chinese Medicine), Marshmallow Root and Slippery Elm Root- all known for boosting disease resistance, treating inflammation and other bodily imbalances and symptoms.

Maté Sky is a blueberry lemon brain boosting stimulant blend featuring Yerba Maté (a South American herb that provides a caffeine-like energy boost with much safer effects on the body and is recognized as the national drink of Argentina), as well as Gotu Kola, Gingo Biloba and Ginseng- all known for boosting the body's ability to adapt and heal.

Jason and I have been drinking these over the past few months and I can attest to the consistent and unique deliciousness of each! Again, I'd love to hear what those who have tried them think as well! I want Yera Dé to be a collaborative effort that helps bring us all a little more of the health and peace that we all want and need, both in a tea and in our world!

It's my goal to create some reinterpreted classics including both black and green tea blends and a spiced chai chocolate blend as well as some additional maté flavors and both single-serving and function specific remedy blends. As my own confidence and energy increase, I will be continuing my herbal medicine research and start posting what I hope will be interesting and informative herb profiles and tea tidbits! We're still waiting on some permits for sales, but I will keep you posted for our official grand opening!!

I couldn't have done this without all your wonderful support and it is my honor to serve you cup after cup of warm, heartfelt healing!!

Yours truly,