"Tea is hot and getting hotter. From iced to spiced, from austere black tea to sweetened and milky chai, from a flowery pick-me-up to a healing herbal, no other beverage has such a place in the heart of every civilization. No wonder it is the most popular beverage in the world, next to water."
- Sara Perry, The New Tea Book

Friday, June 24, 2011

NEW News!

Hello all you wonderful YD tea-drinkers! Just wanted to share with you our most recent updates! As many of you know, Jason & I are now officially married! We had a beautiful tea ceremony with our family & friends in MA and a lovely honeymoon in San Diego! To see our photos, check out our Picasa Online Wedding Album!

As for Yera Dé News... we're SO excited to announce some really cool NEW Local collaborations! Our teas will now be served daily @ The Lounge at Bollywood in San Souci Plaza! Each month, we will feature a variety of our organic herbal teas (and if you have any special requests, be sure to e-mail us: YeraDeHerbalTeas@gmail.com or call Sunny Malhotra, owner of Bollywood Masala @ 301-862-7735) And we will also be hosting a myriad of events from Poetry Readings to Tea Tastings throughout the summer, so be sure to Follow Us on Facebook!

And Yera Dé Herbal Teas Will Also Be Coming Soon to Evolve Yoga & Wellness in Wildewood Plaza! So, now there are 2 more places in SoMD you can find our teas in addition to The Good Earth in Leonardtown & Blue Wind Gourmet on 235. We're so happy to support these great local and like-minded businesses!!! And please feel free to contact us with your suggestions for additional retailers!

Whole Foods, here we come!!

P.S. Our Newest Teas (including Get Well Soon, Mother's Nature & Sunrise Citrus Spice) will be made available on our website this weekend! www.YeraDeHerbalTeas.com

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